For Artist :

Why should I choose Kalaakart over other similar platforms?

  • Free Listing and Unlimited Products : Registration is free and you can upload as many as products you want and start selling in minutes.
  • Social Profile : As like other social profiles (FB, Insta, Behance etc.), you can create a social profile on kalaakart where it enables like, share, compare and follow features.
  • Verified Artist : By uploading 6 of your artworks, completing your profile 100% and manual verification of your documents, you can become a verified user.
  • Free Shipping : The package will be picked up from your address and will be delivered to your client.
  • Wide form of Artworks including Personalized : Our motive is to bring every form of artwork (arts, crafts, sculpture, personalised, embroidery etc.) to a single platform.
  • Online and Offline Promotion Strategy : Fb, insta, google and other online promotion strategies, followed by offline also.


How do I register on Kalaakart?

  • To register on Kalaakart, kindly follow these simple steps:

    • Go to our website www.kalaakart.in
    • Click on create account.
    • You will have two options- Artist/Buyer. If you are an artist and want to sell your artwork, then choose Artist option. If you are a user/buyer, then choose Buyer option.
    • Now fill the basic info which includes your first name, last name, email id, contact no and password.
    • Click on register.

What are the criteria for registration?

Anyone who is an artist or wants a platform to sell their artwork or likes to paint, draw, make and create can register on Kalaakart and sell their artwork.

How many artworks can I upload?

A registered artist can upload as many artworks free of cost. To become a verified artist or start selling through Kalaakart, you need to upload minimum 6 artworks or more.

What kind of artwork can be sold?

Any creative and unique form of artworks can be sold. Existing categories: Paintings, Sketches, Doodling, Mandala, Embroidery, Pottery, Sculpture, Handmade art, Traditional art, Stitching and Knitting, Digital Art, Personalized, Home and Living and Fashion.

What if I forgot my password?

On website home page, click on ‘Sign In’, you get the option of ‘Forget password’ just click on it & type your email id. You will then receive a link to your email to reset your password.


What are the benefits of becoming a verified artist?

  • Becoming a verified artist not only helps you to sell your artworks directly through Klaakart.in, but also acts an assurance to the buyer on your strong association with us, which will strengthen their buying decision. Here are the benefits:

    • Data on Kalaakart shows that Buyers perfer to buy artwork from Verified artists.
    • Verification sign is an assurance to buyer on strong association of Artist & Kalaakart.
    • Maximum number of good artworks gives choice to Buyer & higher the chances of selling.
    • You can promote your Artworks Deck to the world by sharing it on Social Media. To ease we have embedded Social Share buttons on your profile at Top Left
    • Good quality & maximum artworks strengthen your identity on Google search through Kalaakart.
    • Also, you get access to feature ads of your products or profile

    **Please note that we do not charge to list artwork, It’s free & you can upload as many as artworks you want. Kalaakart only has a commission of 20% over & above the price you quote on the artwork

How to become a verified artist?

Here are the 4 simple steps to become a verified artist on Kalaakart.in

  • Complete profile by 100%
  • Upload more than 6 good quality artworks.
  • Manual verification by the Kalaakart team.
  • Documents verification by the Kalaakart team.


How should I upload the artwork?

Once you complete your registration process, click on the ‘Upload Product’ button in ‘Manage your Shop’. Just fill your artwork details and with uploading a high-quality image, you can start uploading as many as artwork you like, free of cost.

Does Kalaakart promote our art?

Yes, Kalaakart promotes their verified artist’s work on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

In which format or size do I upload my artwork?

  • Ensure that you click good quality images as images of poor quality might affect the purchasing decision of the buyer.
  • Kindly upload only original artworks that are exclusively yours. By accepting the terms & conditions while uploading the images, you are bound to maintain the originality of artworks to the buyer. Your certificate with artwork is a proof of the same.
  • Please do not upload copied/reproduced/similar artworks of known or unknown artists, as it’s a violation of the terms & conditions accepted by you on Kalaakart.in. Violation of the terms & conditions will lead to banning of your profile on Kalaakart.in. You will also be liable for legal action.

I have uploaded the image of my artwork but it still is not showing on the website?

Once you upload the image of an artwork, it goes to the back end for moderation. Once it is approved by moderator, the image gets activated on the website.


What percentage does Kalaakart charge from the artist on sales?

We charge 20% over & above the price you quote, covering the charges including commission, promotions, shipping, handling etc.

Are there any other charges than Kalaakart’s commission?

There are no charges to exhibit your artwork; we do not charge for registering, listing, uploading images, becoming a verified artist

How is my art priced?

An artist can set the price for their artwork. All the tax, shipping charges are included in the price of the artwork.

When do I receive my payment?

The artist is paid once the payment is done with the Kalaakart account and the buyer receives the artwork. Because sometimes, the artworks may be returned or cancelled during the order process, so only after the buyer receives the artwork, the artist is paid for the artwork sold.


I am an artist; how can I sell my artwork through Kalaakart?

In order to sell your artwork on Kalaakart, follow these simple steps:

Go to our website www.kalaakart.in

  • Click on Create account.
  • You will have two options- artist/user, click on artist.
  • Now fill the basic info which includes your first name, last name, email id, contact no and password.
  • Click on register.
  • Complete your profile to 100%
  • Upload minimum 6 artworks.

How do I know when my artwork is sold? What do I do once it is sold?

It happens that even after being a verified artist, the artwork may not be sold for a long time. In such cases, a panel of artists at Kalaakart can help and assist you in getting your artwork sold as soon as possible. When the buyer receives the artwork and the amount is received by Kalaakart, then the money is credited to the artist in his bank account.


How does packaging works?

Packaging is done at your end, you have to pack your product in such a way that it may not get damaged. You can reach out to us by mailing on: info@kalaakart.in If you have any query regarding packaging details, you are free to contact us through email, you query will be answered within 48 hours.Tip : Using bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, plastic papers etc.


Is my personal information secure?

We never rent, trade or share your contact details with any other company for their marketing purposes without your consent. We use your personal information for internal purposes such as processing and keeping you informed of your order. You may, from time to time, receive information from us about new services and special offers. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.


How do we contact Kalaakart?

You can reach out to us by mailing on: info@kalaakart.in If you have any query regarding kalaakart you are free to contact us through email, you query will be answered within 48 hours.

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